脸书推出全新应用 受众群仅为在校学生
本文摘要:Facebook has launched a new social media app aimed at school teenagers.近日,脸书公司研发了一款针对在校学生的新社交软件。


Facebook has launched a new social media app aimed at school teenagers.近日,脸书公司研发了一款针对在校学生的新社交软件。Members of Lifestage, currently only available on Apple devices in the US, upload pictures and videos based around feelings, likes and dislikes. These are then turned into video profiles.这款应用于取名为Lifestage,目前不能在美国的苹果设备上用于,用户可以根据自己的心情和爱好公布图片和视频。

然后这些都会变为视频资料。All posts are public and there are no options to restrict viewing. The idea is to connect members of the same school, its creator said.所有公布的消息都是公开发表的,用户并无法自由选择观赏容许。

该app的开发者回应,这个点子的目的就在于将同一个学校里的学生联系一起。One expert told the BBC the lack of privacy settings was a concern.一位专家拒绝接受BBC专访时回应,这种隐私设置的缺陷是一个问题。

School members can view each others profiles once the individual school has registered 20 members or more. Users aged more than 21 are only able to view their own profiles, reports the Tech Crunch website.当某个学校早已有多达20个学生登记之后,整个学校的学生就可以相互观赏彼此的资料。据Tech Crunch网站报导,多达21岁的用户不能看他们自己的资料。

However the app warns that it cannot guarantee whether all its users are genuine. We cant confirm that people who claim to go to a certain school actually go to that school. All videos you upload to your profile are fully public content, it says.不过这款app也警告用户,他们无法确保所有用户都是现实的。警告中写出着:“我们无法确认声称自己上了某所学校的人知道去了那个学校。所有你上传遍你的资料里的视频都是几乎对外公开发表的。

”Lifestage has no messaging functionality but users can display contact details from other sites such as Snapchat and Instagram.Lifestage没放信息的功能,但是用户可以晒出自己在别的网站的联系方式,比如Snapchat和Instagram。According to statistics website Statista only 8% of Facebooks US users are aged 13-19. It has been designed by Facebook product manager Michael Sayman, who is 19 years old.根据统计资料网站Statista的数据表明,只有8%的脸书用户年龄在13岁到19岁。

这款app是由脸书的产品经理迈克尔·塞曼设计的,他也才19岁。In a Facebook post he wrote that the app was based around the original social networks early days.他在一条脸书状态中写到,这款app是基于社交网络刚刚问世时的想法而设计的。Back in 2004, Facebook was all about who I am. I could post my relationship status. I could share what my favourite music was. And it was all about expressing myself, he said.他说道:“叹2004年,脸书上的内容还只是关于我是谁,我可以公布我的人际关系状态。我可以共享我最喜欢的音乐。

这一切都是在于传达我自己。”Today as Facebook has grown into so much more, we see the opportunity to explore that concept of who I am once again, but for Generation Z in 2016.“而到今天,脸书早已发展了过于多,我们再行一次看见了将我是谁的理念展开伸延的机会,但是这一次是为了2016年的Z一代(指90后)。



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