本文摘要:Apple seems to be gaining some ground in the worlds largest smartphone market.苹果公司(Apple)在全球仅次于智能手机市场的“版图”或许有所不断扩大。


Apple seems to be gaining some ground in the worlds largest smartphone market.苹果公司(Apple)在全球仅次于智能手机市场的“版图”或许有所不断扩大。In China, Apples market share rose slightly in the fourth quarter of last year, helped by strong demand for its new iPhone 5S, the latest market research data shows.近期市场研究数据表明,不受新款iPhone 5S的强大市场需求推展,苹果在中国的市场份额去年第四季度小幅下降。

According to research firm IDC, Apples market share in mainland China rose to 7% in the quarter from 6% in the third quarter. The fourth quarter was the first full quarter after Apple launched its iPhone 5S and 5C in China in late September, on the same day the new phones came out in the U.S. and a host of other markets. In the past, iPhones went on sale in China months after they were launched in the U.S.据研究公司国际数据公司(IDC)说道,第四季度苹果在中国内地的市场份额从第三季度的6%下降至7%。第四季度是苹果去年9月底在中国、美国及其他一些市场同时发售iPhone 5S和5C之后第一个原始的季度。

过去,iPhone一般来说是登岸美国几个月后才在中国发售。Still, the latest quarterly ranking was yet another reminder that Chinas smartphone market consists mainly of Android models that are much cheaper than the iPhone. With its 7% share, Apple was the fifth-largest smartphone vendor in China.尽管如此,近期的季度名列让人们再度看见,中国的智能手机市场主要由比iPhone低廉得多的安卓(Android)手机占到主导。苹果销量在中国智能手机市场分列第五,占到7%的市场份额。

Samsung, which sells smartphones at various price points from high-end to low-end, held onto its No. 1 position in China with a 19% share in the fourth quarter, followed by Lenovo Group with a 13% share. Coolpad -- the smartphone brand of Shenzhen-based Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific -- and Huawei Technologies came third and fourth, taking up 11% and 10% respectively.三星(Samsung)之后维持在中国销量第一的方位,第四季度市场份额为19%,其次是误解(Lenovo Group),市场份额为13%。三星销售从高端到低端等各种价位的智能手机。酷派(Coolpad)和华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies)分别以11%和10%的份额分列在第三和第四位。

酷派是深圳宇龙计算机通信科技(Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific)发售的智能手机品牌。Lagging just outside of the top five in the quarter is upstart smartphone maker, Xiaomi, with 6% of the market, a significant jump from about three years ago when the company first began offering phones. Though Xiaomi sits below Apple in China for now, IDC analyst Melissa Chau said the company is poised to get into the top five soon.第四季度销量分列第六的是富二代智能手机生产商小米(Xiaomi),市场份额为6%,较小大约三年前该公司首次开始销售手机时有大幅度下降。

尽管目前小米在华销量名列不及苹果,但国际数据公司的分析师Melissa Chau说道,小米迅速未来将会挤身前五。[Xiaomi] is still rising, at some point it could come into top five on the growth path its on, she said.她说道,小米仍在下降,按它目前的快速增长势态,有朝一日有可能挤身前五。

Still, Apple, which sat just above Xiaomi in the fourth quarter, is expected to get a boost of its own in the current quarter through March due to its new agreement to sell its phones through China Mobile, which is by far the countrys largest carrier with more than 760 million subscribers. China Mobile, which started selling iPhones Jan. 17, is expanding its speedier fourth-generation network in the country, and the iPhone is expected to play a major role in getting more subscribers to sign up for 4G services.尽管如此,由于苹果与中国移动(China Mobile)达成协议新的手机销售协议,预计苹果销量在今年第一季度有可能取得提振。中国移动是中国仅次于的移动运营商,有多达7.6亿用户。中国移动于1月17日开始销售iPhone。


该公司目前正在中国不断扩大速度更慢的4G网络,预计iPhone将在更有更加多用户用于4G服务方面充分发挥最重要起到。Apple couldnt immediately be reached for comment.记者无法立刻联系到苹果置评。As a measure of Apples performance in China, shipment volume is a tricky one that often triggers heated debates. Some argue that maintaining a certain level of market share by volume is essential, while others say Apple as a high-end brand doesnt have to compete on volume with cheap Chinese smartphones.发货量作为取决于苹果在华展现出的一个指标也经常引起白热化争辩。有些人称,通过提升销量维持一定水平的市场份额很最重要,另外一些人则说道,苹果作为一个高端品牌,不用在销量上与其他低价中国智能手机竞争。

Either way, a slowdown in total smartphone sales in the fourth quarter from the third quarter shows that both high-end and low-end makers are now competing for a China market that is unlikely to return to the eye-popping growth levels it experienced over the past two years.无论怎样,第四季度智能手机总销量增长速度较第三季度上升都是一个不争的事实,表明出有高端和低端生产商都在争夺战中国市场,而目前的中国市场不太可能再现过去两年那种难以置信的快速增长水平。Not everyone will be picking up a smartphone. A segment of the market wont be able to afford them, said Chau, pointing out that new users in China will increasingly be coming from smaller cities and rural areas.Chau说道,并非每个人都会卖智能手机,有些人买了。

她认为,中国新的智能手机用户将更加多地来自较小的城市和农村地区。Still, Apple is competing to win over users who might look to upgrade their phone, or switch from Android, as fourth-generation networks continue to be built in China.尽管如此,随着中国之后建设4G网络,苹果正在努力争取有可能谋求手机更新换代或从安卓改向其他系统的用户。


In an interview with The Wall Street Journal earlier this month, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook shared his view on market share. I look at the mobile phone market as having three kinds of phones: feature phones, smartphones that function as or are used as feature phones, and real smartphones, he said. I do care about the market share of the last category and you want to be relevant.在本月早些时候拒绝接受《华尔街日报》专访时,苹果首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)描写了自己对市场份额的观点。他说道,我指出手机市场有三类手机:功能手机、被当作功能手机用于的智能手机和确实的智能手机。我显然关心最后一个类别的市场份额,我们期望参予其中。



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